What do I do with this haunted object?

January 2023

in hot water on Payómkawichum (Luiseño) and Kuupangaxwichem land
on god's land

December 2022

On Mescalero Apache, Lipan Apache, Comanche land

November 2022

West Texas to Santa Fe; On Jumanos, Apache, Mescalero, Tiwa, and Pueblos land

September 2022

it's hot in California

April 2022

🎶 We're goin' to J̶a̶c̶k̶s̶o̶n̶ Laughlin (Part 1) 🎶
Some ghosts

March 2022

On Chumash, Tongva (Gabrieleno) and Kizh (Gabrieleno) land
An account of a dog's road trip
Southern Arizona pt. 1ish

February 2022

notes on trash